The new TOWCAMhd blows the original vision out of the water.
The TOWCAMhd comes as a complete package ready to clip on your boat’s outrigger. The TOWCAMhd comes with our custom 70m cable.
Watch all the action with TOWCAMhd Live View in 1080p HD on our new HD 7 Inch Monitor.
The TOWCAMhd Monitor comes with GoPro style suction mounts (so it can be mounted anywhere), a flip-up sunshade, a 128 GB (Quality Brand) Class10 Micro SD Card which records at 1920 x 1080 Pixels 16.9 Widescreen Format, and an internal 7500mAh battery for Hours.
The TOWCAMhd can also be powered from your boats 12v Power Socket (Cigarette Lighter Socket).
The TOWCAMhd Monitor can rewind/replay, take 5mp snapshot stills and 4x zoom all live while your trolling and watching your spread.
This new technology combined with our custom fast sink PUR cable allows the boat to stop and let TOWCAMhd sink into bait schools or the underwater structure your seeing on your sounder.
TOWCAMhd The Complete Package
I build each TOWCAMhd myself and I test your TOWCAMhd during a sea trial to ensure it’s in perfect working order prior to delivery.

TOWCAMhd also has a 100 m cable version for drop camera use or towing.
The new TOWCAMhd can also run 2 x monitors simultaneously which enables live vision via HDMI to TV or Monitors throughout the boat in HD.
TOWCAMhd uses Australian Made component suppliers where possible, keeping the use of imported components to a minimum.
All molds and rapid profiles even the modified storage reel is aussie built and some cnc machining of components is done right here on the Gold Coast keeping local small business going on.
Please share TOWCAMhd and help the best-kept secret in sport and game fishing going in these tough times we all are going through.
 And a thank you for still watching the old standard towcam vision,  we will be feeding you the new HD vision as it comes in TOWCAMhd sells for the same price as the original unit but with all the extra technology thrown in, it's what you all wanted a complete package to go on any boat and deploy for live view underwater strike vision.
TOWCAMhd Underwater Strike Camera Gold Coast Australia

Unique Features

Video Feed

Direct to the HD Monitor boat side or your big TV or HDMI screens, also recorded to internal 128GB SD Card. 

Swims Perfectly
All Day Every Day

Hydrodynamically designed and balanced to swim at the right depth your lures and baits run. 


Plug ‘n Play on any boat no power requirements deployed in seconds and all live vision.


No annoying bubbles or shaking can be run in all weather or used with our deep drop setup. 


We also have 100m versions built to order for those wanting to deep drop and tow.

Engineered and assembled in Australia
Light & Strong

Designed to last, fast sink rate for those bait balls.

TOWCAMhd Storage Reel
Australian Made
Easy to Use
Designed for easy set up and deployment on any boat.


TOWCAMhd Custom Built Underwater Strike Camera
Custom built lightweight and small, towed LIVE view underwater strike camera. Engineered to perform at high and low speed trolling. Designed for the sport and game fishing industry by game fishing enthusiasts’. TOWCAMhd is the only underwater strike camera in the world that runs up near your lures capturing unbelievable vision and displaying it LIVE and recorded to 128gb sd card back on deck on the supplied monitors or your TV and HDMI screens

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