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TOWCAM Underwater strike camera

Founded in 2008, TOWCAM is a leading commercial and recreational camera company with 100’s of customers world-wide.

Waterproof mic and video in connections

Our range of waterproof connections are assembled in Australia from the highest quality marine grade fittings.

A balanced approach

Each and every TOWCAM is handtuned and balanced by TOWCAM creator John Faulkner


Some of TOWCAM’s unique features

Live video feed

Direct to the cabin

Swims perfectly

Hand balanced to swim at the right depth


Plug ‘n Play

Clean footage

No annoying bubbles or shaking

Massive Reach

The longest reach on the market

Australian Quality

Engineered and assembled in Australia

Bite resistant

Tough as nails cable designed to last

For quick setup

Designed for easy set up and pack down



Lightweight and small, towed LIVE view underwater action camera. Engineered to perform at high and low speed trolling. Designed for the sport and game fishing industry by game fishing enthusiasts’. TOWCAM is the only underwater action camera in the world that runs near your lures capturing unbelievable vision and displaying it LIVE back on deck on any compatible GPS/Sounder/TV.
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Genuine TOWCAM accessories

Wall mount direct connection

Wall mount microphone


The TOWCAM Story

With a professional career in Australian motorsport spanning over 30 years as a driver and later team owner, John Faulkner has engineered and built most of his own racing cars, from driving factory team supported sprint karts to in house built current spec v8 supercars. Under the team name JFR, john faulkner racing evolved from […]
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TowCam prides itself on the quality of our products and our customer service. That’s why John (TowCam creator & owner) wants to deal directly with each and every TowCam customer. John will communicate with you, guide you through the TowCam Purchase, Delivery and Installation so that, your TowCam experience is the very best it can be…